The Old Village of Rhebas is Now Called Riva

With its river, historical castle, untouched forestries and fresh air, it has become the most attractive region of Istanbul as the result of increasing interest in natural life and low-rise horizontal architecture in recent years; formerly known as Rhebas, now known as Riva ...

This charming coastal town of Beykoz, which hosts Düşler Vadisi, stands out with its ground stability as well as its green-rich villa life in touch with nature. Those who come to Riva, the paradise coast of the Black Sea, have the opportunity to meet the privileged life of Istanbul built on solid ground.

The life that comes from deep within

Living in a nice little coastal village. Growing old while enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. Touching the green, learning about different plants, reading while listening to the birds' singing, playing with the sheep, running alongside the squirrels... We are talking about the old village of Rhebas, which is called Riva today. With growing interest towards natural living areas, Riva has become the most attractive part of Istanbul thanks to the Riva Creek, Riva Castle, and the unspoiled forest lands that offer fresh air.

The regions boast a fertile soil

Have you ever heard of pseudomaquies? It's a form of maquis vegetation that is composed of evergreen and deciduous shrubs. It's the dominant vegetation in Riva. You'll get to know many plants in Riva that you have never heard of before. You get to touch many kinds of trees. That's what makes Riva stand out among the others. The region boasts a highly fertile soil with rich vegetation.

Art for the Heart and Soul

The district of Beykoz is famous for its glass art, which is still maintained in Riva. The Glass Furnace Foundation (Cam Ocağı Vakfı) and the Glass Art Center (Cam Sanat Merkezi) in Riva uphold a tradition of glass art dating from ancient times. They organize workshops to explore the exciting glass art heritage of the region. The artists of the future keep glass art alive in Riva.